Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine

Odesa Municipal Energy Agency (ОМЕА) – success stories and new challenges Event Date: 19.04.2017

Celebrating its 2nd birthday, on 19 April OMEA held a press briefing and a conference on the Energy Agency’s success stories and new challenges in energy efficiency at the Impact Hub in Odesa.

OMEA was established in April 2015 by Odesa City Council with the support of the Project “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine” that is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB).

In his welcoming speech the Deputy Mayor of Odesa Pavlo Vugelman stressed that energy efficiency is a major issue for both, Ukraine and the EU. In Odesa serious funding of energy efficiency is now increasing. The city was now on the threshold of the future with its successful establishment of the energy agency – OMEA. Mr Vugelman pointed out that the Sustainable Energy Action Plan showed where the priorities of energy efficiency laid, e.g. in modernization of heating systems and energy efficient buildings. The Deputy Mayor then opened the conference looking forward to the continuing very successful collaboration with the Project “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine”.

In Session one, experts focused on the Sustainable Energy Action Plan and energy management. To this end, Oleksandra Oleynikova, director of OMEA, illustrated the important role OMEA played in the field of municipal energy efficiency. Ms Oleynikova emphasized first successes of OMEA, e.g. the installation of the first energy monitoring system in buildings in Odesa. More than 520 public buildings are already being monitored and their energy performance improved by OMEA on behalf of Odesa City Council. Furthermore, she pointed to the landmark of the successful development of the “Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Odessa until 2030”, approved by the Odessa City Council in December 2016. She also showed how the Agency would continue to identify and tap potentials for energy savings and increasing energy efficiency. Ms Oleynikova mapped out that tender procedures for energy efficient businesses are to be carried out by the end of the year and she was looking forward to collaborative events such as the EU Sustainable Energy Week. OMEA would further pursue the three big goals of 1) energy saving, foremost regarding heating systems, 2) ESCO contracts and 3) innovative projects, e.g. in cooperation with Regensburg and other cities.

Oleksandr Shumelda, accredited energy expert, highlighted “The importance of Covenant of Mayors for Ukrainian cities” and saw a prospective in Odesa. This collaborative European urban commitment against climate change and for energy efficiency is of crucial importance, in particular for Ukrainian cities, as the per capita energy consumption here is up to four times higher than in the EU.

Internationally experienced energy efficiency and urban development expert Klaus Hoppe touched upon “The role of energy efficiency in urban planning”. He stressed the need for an integrated city planning in order to be efficient in saving energy and reducing emissions. By describing the concept of the energy efficiency cycle, Mr Hoppe pointed out that more than any other stakeholder the municipality itself was capable to achieve the aims of SEAP. Yet, there was a need for a better balance of tasks in municipalities, including appropriate administrative structures as well as a better cooperation and communication between the different administrative bodies or departments.

In a second session financing instruments for energy efficiency projects and chances for condominiums (OSBB) were discussed. Experienced experts gave examples for financing energy efficiency projects in multi-apartment buildings, touched upon the general principles of energy saving in houses and gave specific advice on how to introduce EPC-mechanisms in multi-apartment buildings.

In the end of the event, OMEA has drawn two energy audits for OSBB. The energy audits will help the owners to identify the most efficient measures at their homes. The lucky winners are: “Viktoriya – 25”, and “Bunina, 28”.

Together with all participants the Project “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine” is looking back onto two very efficient and successful years of the first municipal energy agency in Ukraine, OMEA. Yet, as success is never final we are more than happy to continue our support.