Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine
Guideline on Establishment of an Energy Agency in Ukraine

We have prepared a brochure for you, which contains practical advice on establishing an energy agency. It describes the process of creating an agency in Odessa, highlights the experience of the agency during the first two years of its existence with the introduction of strategies and projects at the municipal level. The brochure contains practical steps and tips, describes specific tasks and projects, from municipal energy management and awareness raising campaigns to services and activities that are beyond the competence of municipalities. The brochure ends with a list of requirements for the successful creation and operation of the energy agency.

Methodological Recommendations for Co-Owners of Apartment Buildings: Development of Energy Efficiency Projects

“Language – English. Size – 2 MB”

The Methodological Recommendations explain in detail how to implement energy efficient measures and where to find funding for them. These particularly practical suggestions will enable the apartment building co-owners to understand better how to improve the building’s energy efficiency and how to manage organizational issues during the implementation phase of effective measures.

Brochure “Energy Service Contracts: opportunities and prospects in Ukraine”

“Language – English. Size – 2 MB”

Publication informs on concept of energy service contracts, organizational and legal principles of their drafting and implementation, and contains an overview of some practical aspects.

Study “Energy efficiency in Ukraine: on the way to reforms”

“Language – English. Size – 4 MB”

Upon request of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine the authors analysed the key barriers to the energy efficiency reforms in Ukraine and suggested ways to overcome them.

Study “Energy Needs Assessment and Portfolio Concept for Energy Agencies”

“Language – English. Size – 3,6 MB”

Study assesses needs and demands for energy services in Odessa region and, based on the results, is developing proposals for a portfolio of energy agencies. The study was prepared during the period from September 2014 until January 2015.

Study “Energy efficiency service market research in Ukraine”

“Language – English. Size – 5 MB”

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the services and trends in the energy efficiency market of Ukraine.

Brochure “Overview of Legislative Obstacles Towards Implementation of Financing Mechanism of the Energy Efficiency Investment Support Program in Ukraine”

LanguageEnglish. Size – 1 МВ”

Overview contains 7 basic sets of legal issues concerning the financing mechanism of the energy efficiency investment support program in Ukraine.