Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine

Press-conference on the newly launched Project “School of Energy” Event Date: 24.02.2016

The press conference, where the newly launched project “School of Energy” was presented, took place on 24 February in Lviv.

The project “School of Energy” was initiated by the Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine” with the support of our Project in January this year. This is an educational project and, thus, its main goal is to increase awareness among the young generation about the importance and necessity of rational consumption of energy resources.

As the result of a competition, 25 schools from all over Ukraine were chosen for participation in the project. In the frame of the project it is planned to train teachers from these schools who, in their turn, will organize the course on energy efficiency for their pupils. Involved pupils will make simple energy audits of their schools and will elaborate programs for optimal energy efficient measures, aimed at decreasing the school’s energy consumption. For this purpose each school will receive educational materials, a set of necessary technical instruments as well as expert advice from special technical mentors. During a final event in Odessa in September this year, each school will share its experiences, achievements and present its plans for future.

Thus, at least 500 pupils and 250 teachers all over Ukraine will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experiences about energy saving. Children will understand from their own experience what energy efficiency is all about, why it is important and how everybody can achieve energy savings in their every-day life!

The videos about training of teachers and technical experts, as well as about pupil’s energy audits can be found in the section Videos.

More information on the project you can find on our partners’ web-site here

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