Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine

Schools of Kherson, Sumy and Kolomyia will significantly reduce energy consumption due to introduction of EE and energy saving measures 04.01.2018

Within the framework of “School of energy 2.0”, team of the Project “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine” has considered the applications submitted by the most active schools and have chosen schools of Kherson, Sumy and Kolomyia for co-financing of demonstrational projects for increasing energy efficiency of the school premises.

Among the chosen projects are the following:

  • Installation of a modular individual heat point at the Kolomyia school No. 9
  • Insulation of the attic floor of two premises of secondary school №5 in Sumy Insulation was made with special materials that can increase the thermal resistance of the structure, because through roofing overlays heat loses comprise up to 15-20%.
  • 218 LED lamps installed instead of incandescent lamps for the old building of the Antoniv Secondary School No. 21 in Kherson. Due to the implementation of these measures, the quality of class lighting will increase, and energy consumption and energy costs will decrease.

The 35% reduction of costs on heat energy is expected after the implementation of energy efficient measures at Kolomyia school; the expected savings will amount to about 180 thousand UAH for the heating season or 86 Gcal of thermal energy, which in its turn is equivalent to 25 tonnes of CO2. In Sumy school, the annual energy savings is 35 Gcal, the economic effect is 51 thousand UAH and CO2 emissions will be reduced by 10 tons. The Antonov school is expected to reduce energy consumption by 93 kWh, which equals to 47 thousand UAH annually and 40 tons of CO2 emissions reduction.

Reference: The School of Energy 2.0 project is being implemented by the Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine” on behalf of the “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine” Project.