Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine

“School of Energy” participants felt the energy of the Carpathians Event Date: 30.06.2017

From 26 till 30 of June in the “Slavskii” resort in the Carpathians within the framework of the second phase of the “School of Energy” project, Association  of the Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine (AEECU) with the support of the project “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine”, organized the Summer Energy Camp. More than 100 participants of the “School of Energy 2.0” project from 15 Ukrainian cities came to the camp, as well as technical experts, camp scientists, pupils and organizers.

In the camp, young energy managers communicated with each other, learned the results of the project in their schools, talked about planned energy efficient activities, participated in various master classes, competitions, lectures, as well as climbed up the mountain Zakhar Berkut.

At the end of the camp, the results were announced and the winners of the second phase of the “School of Energy” project were awarded. Awards and prizes to the winners were presented by the representative of the project “Establishment of energy agencies in Ukraine” Tetyana Pylypchuk and the AEECU team: Marianna Pristupa, Vitaliy Volkov and Olena Vitrak. The winners of the second phase of the “School of Energy” project were three the most active Ukrainian schools in the cities of Lviv, Zaporizhia and Kolomyia.

But this project has not been completed, pupils will continue to monitor energy under supervision of their teachers, performing a preliminary analysis of their results, participating in school events and disseminating the experience gained in the project among other schools, local authorities, their families, friends, and also among the general public.

More information about the project “School of Energy 2.0” under the link